The Science Behind Trigger Point Deep Muscle Massage

Massage is an art that involves manipulation of body tissue to reduce pain and tension so as to help muscles and joints to relax. Trigger point deep muscle massage is a type of massage that focuses on relaxing certain tight area (called trigger point) within the muscle tissue so that the client can get pain relief on other parts of the body. It is usually done in sports massage to help muscles mostly in certain sports to relax.

One way in which this method works is through Ischemic Compression. In this method, the massage therapist gently and steadily applies pressure on the trigger point until he/she can feel that the area has softened. The softening means the point can work normally again (like blood flow is normal and tension has been alleviated). This results in pain relief in the other body parts.

Alternatively, it can be done through Friction massage. Here, the massage therapist makes continuous strokes with the finger along the vein of the tight muscle. This repetitive movement causes a suction effect in the vein causing an increase in blood circulation. This means fresh blood is allowed to flow in the vein area and that, blood that has inflammatory chemicals can flow away from that point into the general circulation.

With this taking place, the body responds by releasing endorphins – constituents that alleviate pain. This edorphins also contains energy constituents that work to relieve myofascial tissue and neuromuscular joints.

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